F&B Budget for Pre-Opening

Any can share on how to draft a F&B department budget for a pre-opening property.

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Budget for F&B dept or outlets or entire property? Do you have a competent “finance controller” on board? Normally the Financial controller sets the figures and depts work out plans to achieve it.

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If you need to ask for this sort of info, you clearly are out of your depth and have little experience, in which case walk away now.

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What I suggest is gets the Front desk to do roomnights, then take average spend per night on F&B in the region and calculate from there + average spend and expected covers from outside / walk in’s. Then check if it matches competitors and draw you conclusions.

From turnover take split to food and bev in revenue and from that figure take estimated cost in percentages. will give you monetary value in revenue food and bev as well as revenue in food and bev. very rough key figure is 60/40, (60% rooms, 40% F&B; 60% food, 40% bev) but that varies greatly depending on where you are!!!

Gross Labour and building costs (i.e. water and electrics, possibly rent) also vary greatly, labour can be anything from 15% to 50%, same as building etc. Local circumstances apply.

When you’ve finished calculating all that - look again at competition and you will find that you either have a USP, are spot on… or made a mistake somewhere.


You have basically asked a incomplete question, there are some set parameters that are followed but variables like No of Outlets/Banqueting Facilities/Nature or Property etc etc


Thanks a lot for your kind responses. Very helpful indeed.