Exceeding Customer Expectations and Building Profit

Exceeding Customer Expectations and Building Profit

Distributors can exceed expectations for value-added service combined with savings by empowering customer
staff with team cleaning. Implementing team cleaning means training and deploying task specialists to clean a facility by using ‘‘assembly line’’ methods, sequencing workers and tasks for maximum productivity and quality.

A team, however, doesn’t become a precision machine through random effort; well-defined roles for each member are essential, and those jobs must be integrated and balanced to achieve objectives.

Team cleaning initially involves assessing tasks needed to produce a clean building, then distributing the workload among specialists or team members. Instead of having one person responsible for numerous tasks, we have individuals responsible for certain tasks. It makes workers far more efficient and productive.

Specialists perform. tasks better and with greater speed, and combining their respective complementary skills in the proper sequence produces time and quality benefits. When each staff member performs his her specialty throughout a facility without interruption, momentum and straight-line efficiency are maintained.

Work loading with team cleaning typically involves four basic specialists comprising a team, who work
from point-A-to-point-B covering maximum ground:

  1. A light-duty specialist to empty trash, dust horizontal and vertical surfaces, clean telephones, etc.

  2. A vacuum specialist equipped with a backpack unit for multiple surface cleaning who follows 30 minutes behind the first team member, spot-checks the work of the previous worker, turns out lights and secures the area,

  3. A restroom specialist who also cleans hallway water fountains and other designated areas.

  4. A utility specialist who cleans and buffs floors, details entrance glass, etc.

Tools which enable multitasking - that is, performing several related functions simultaneously optimize the team cleaning method. Modern backpack vacuum systems actually fostered the idea for and especially lend themselves to team cleaning applications.

With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, suction-only backpacks, permit carpet, hard floor, stairwell and detail cleaning in one pass, with greater soil removal than conventional systems. Sealed four-stage filtration captures more dust than other systems, and reduces IAQ problems.