Eliminating or Minimizing Materials Theft In An All Inclusive Resort

An acquaintance is frustrated by the rampant theft pattern by the back of house staff that persists in his all inclusive resort. He’s taken over the 200+ room resort from his aging parents who had kept ‘loyal’ staff with them for more than 30 years. He has realized that most of these ‘loyals’ took advantage of his parents’ trust & robbed them blind. He asked me for suggestions on how to eradicate this horrible culture & I told him it would take instant, legal measure and also a thorough analysis of the systems & processes currently in use. Any ideas out there?

@Andy so surprised to see a 200+ hotel without any proper security team and loss preventions policies :thinking::thinking:

I think your friend should higher a reputed third-party security vendor to streamline the security and loss prevention standards/policies for his hotel until the time he is familiar with the whole process.

Additionally, find below some articles related to security and loss prevention:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: