Eggplant Tomato Coulis

Eggplant Tomato Coulis

Dish Name :Eggplant Tomato Coulis

Ingredients for 1 Litre

Qty Unit Description
0.40 Kg Eggplant
0.20 Kg Tomatoes
0.01 Kg Honey
0.06 Kg Champagne Vinegar
0.20 Kg Onions
0.01 Kg Garlic
0.20 Kg Chicken Stock
0.07 Kg Olive oil
0.02 Kg Salt
0.01 Kg Pepper


  • Marinate the egg plant and tomatoes with salt pepper and some olive oil and roast in the oven
  • Heat remaining olive oil and saute chopped onions and garlic
  • Add roasted tomatoes and egg plant and add chicken stock
  • Stew on a low flame and cook until soft
  • Remove from flame add honey and vinegar and blend the sauce
  • Pass through a strainer and season with salt and pepper