Effective Ways To Drive Away Pigeons From The Hotel?

It might be a silly question but Pigeons are making a big mess in and around our hotel!

What are the effective ways to fix this issue? Heard thee is some electronic device which drives away all of them any advice on this issue is highly appreciated.

here in the netherlands, they have these needle installation for wherever they dont want the birds to rest. maybe that ll help?

  • Install anti-roosting spike strips. Choose strategical spots such as window sills and ledges to deter pigeons from landing.

  • Tie a string across roosting areas. Strings tied one inch above the nesting areas will make landing uncomfortable for pigeons.

  • Install sloping covers to window sills and ledges.

  • If there are no flat surfaces to balance and build nests on, the pigeons will move on to find another place to call home.

  • Don’t feed them. Like most animals, if you feed pigeons, they will keep coming back and the abundance of food will also attract others.

  • Just as with actively feeding them, any readily available food source will have them flock into your place again.

  • Make sure that all trash is properly sealed and placed in a bin with the lid closed.

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