Duck Spring Rolls with Mission Fig Compote

Duck Spring Rolls with Mission Fig Compote

Yield: 4 portions

Savoy cabbage, julienned - 2 cups
Bacon drippings - 1 Tbsp.
Salt and pepper - to taste
Carrot, julienned - 1/2 cup
Zucchini, julienned - 1/2 cup
Fresh ginger, grated - 1 Tbsp.
Cornstarch - 1 Tbsp.
Water - 1 Tbsp.
Duck legs and thighs, cooked, meat removed, shredded - 4 each
Spring roll wrappers - 4
Oil - as needed
Warm fig compote - (recipe follows)

  1. Saute cabbage in bacon drippings for 2 minutes or until wilted; season with salt and pepper. Add carrot, zucchini and ginger and cook until tender-crisp.

  2. In small bowl, combine cornstarch and water; stir into vegetable mixture. Add duck and heat thoroughly; remove and cool.

  3. Distribute mixture among wrappers; fold, roll and seal ends. Fry rolls in 350F oil until golden brown and crisp; drain. Serve warm with fig compote.

Warm fig compote

Fresh Mission figs - 4
Butter -1 Tbsp.
Red wine - 1 Tbsp.

Cut figs into quarters; saute in butter until soft. Add wine and reduce until mixture is absorbed.

Note: Chef James Laird serves spring rolls and compote with sauteed duck breast on a bed of shallots and leeks.