Does anyone is using pricelab for your Airbnb Hosting in India?

Pricelabs website says it’s like a revenue management tool for Airbnb which offer data-driven Dynamic Pricing for Airbnb hosting.

If anyone of you had used their services can you please provide some feedback?

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This is pretty interesting, but I have not used their services before. But have been trying Airbnb Dynamic pricing. But I don’t think it is working great for me.

I am not from India or Asia but I have used BeyongPricing as well, and found them to be easy and accurate. However, I switched about 10 months ago to Pricelabs. I feel like they are equally excellent, robust, and charge a flat rate of $20/listing for the first listing, and $15 for subsequent listings.

Hope this helps.

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Hey guys you may also checkout Wheelhouse Dynamic pricing this is another tool for Dynamic pricing for Airbnb and other similar hosting.