Difference between hotel and resort housekeeping

Hi everyone, I just want to ask what are the difference in housekeeping between a hotel in the city and in a beach resort hotel? Any tips?

Thank you

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Hello there,
Difference I see:
Beach resort - guest are not rushing out of their room early morning, they are casual…
City hotel - guest has a meeting, and leaving the room returning later part of day…
However, HK perform the same repetitive job in any category of hotel also the guest you stay in a city hotel look for different comforts compared to a beach resort guest comforts.


How about their cleaning supplies?, Is there any special equipment, technics or chemicals to be use considering the beach or the salt water environment?

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I do not see a special equipment requirement, and with salty environment I do not see a challenge for HK team and process however Engineering will surely face a few corrosion issues…


Thank you so much for your response, Sir

The only major difference with the City hotel and Beach Resort is the time taken to turn around each rooms. Beach Resorts will take a longer time to clean and release considering the type of villa or room etc.

And the guests are also not so busy or waiting in line for rooms.

Regarding the chemicals used; I do not think there is any much difference its all the same standard Diversey or TASKI products like R1 to R10 etc.


Thank you so much for your inputs Ma’am.