Dealing With Employee With Mental Illness

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I am looking for some advice on how to deal with an employee who has claimed in the past to be Bipolar but at least has displayed depressive tendencies.

this young lady has displayed volatile changes in personality.

On a down episode, she appears uninterested, there have been episodes of crying or otherwise appears very depressed. the opposite symptoms are quite unnerving. She can suddenly become much more animated – overly revealing on personal detail. the employee has become a significant challenge to deal with requiring significant supervision and constant attention. Her interpersonal relations are strained and effect the wider team.

I was wondering if anyone can advise me on how to interact with Human resources. There is considerable documentation regarding transgressions in the workplace but the above indicate more complex problems. It would be easier and less ethical to dump out this challenging employee

Are there any options?


am not so sure with this …
I think it would be better to get professional medical advice. If the diagnosis and recommendations state that she is not fit to work or she needs extensive help that requires constant monitoring or any other reason that could support her case, then at least it is “legal” to terminate her contract. It could also be a basis if she really has mental illness or just overacting or am not sure of a proper terminology for this. Please review your policies as to “reasons” on removing her in the company, check your labor-employment code as well … to be safe and “legal”
Though for the sake of humanity, refer her for professional help and give whatever support you can offer before parting ways.
not so sure though if this is a good one, I’m afraid of the aftermaths of her termination, I hope she has a family to support her so she won’t think of anything else. I have a former colleague who has the same characteristics as you stated, our company did the professional medical help then talked to the family that they have to remove her from the workforce since she cannot be productive and straining the unit’s teamwork. But they offered help to my former co-worker and her family.


@BCTCharlene Many thanks for your detailed reply. This is really helpful.

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