Creating promotional rate code of stay and pay - Opera

How to create a rate code on PMS (opera), which is a discounted rate of stay 3 and pay 2 or stay 6 and pay 4 for an instance but, we need this promotion to be deducted automated from the BAR rate.
What are the steps of creating such kind of this useful promotional rate code?

@Adam2 If I am not wrong such types of Rate Strategy is set on your Channel Manager or Web Booking Engine.

These type of rates are normally derived from the Base Bar Rate on your channel manager or booking engine and then you set further conditions like Pay for 2 and 3 nights stay etc. etc.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I totally agree with you but in perspective of OPERA system, and if any customer phoned up the hotel to proceed with this promotion, how can we crate a rate code on the opera system which can be deducted automatically?

If I am not wrong in this case you will have to do the below workaround ;

  1. Create the same derived bar rate code in Opera
  2. Make the reservation with the same rate code.
  3. On the reservation created for this promotion, manually change the last night or 3rd night rate to 0.00 or set the the rate code to a comp rate code.

I don’t think PMS like Opera has functionality to handle these type of setup, because rate codes are normally setup on the Channel manager level. So hotels normally do the above workaround for direct booking enquiry for P2S3 promotion.

@Adam2 There is one workaround which I remember, There is a function in opera Rate Code setup called ‘Posting Rhythm’.

With this option you can define that the rate should not be posted on every ‘N’ Nights. For example the rate not to be posted on every 3rd night etc.

Posting Rhythm: This functionality is designed for promotions, which on the rate code level need to define a way to offer a free night based on the length of stay; it also provides a way to define which night will be offered as the free night. Optionally, you may specify whether packages (both packages attached to the rate code and packages attached to the reservation) should be posted. Fixed charges attached to the reservation will not be affected by this feature but will post as defined.

The only downside here is;

  1. You cannot use this feature with Daily Rates
  2. On the reservation level, the 3rd night will not be flagged as ‘Complimentary’ so your statistics will be affected.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: