Creamy Farfalle with Mushroom

Dish Name : Creamy Farfalle with Mushroom

Farfalle is a type of pasta commonly known as bow-tie pasta or butterfly pasta. Farfalle means, butterflies - in Italian. Cream in this recipe can be substituted with white sauce/ bechamel sauce.

Ingredients for 8 portions

Qty Unit Description
1.000 Kg Farfalle pasta
0.500 Kg Mushrooms
0.750 Litre Cream
0.050 Kg Parmesan cheese
0.010 Kg Thyme
0.100 Kg Chopped onions
0.020 Kg Chopped garlic
0.010 Kg Salt
0.005 Kg Black pepper
0.050 Kg Clarified butter
10.000 Nos Parsley sprig


  • Heat clarified butter in the pan.Add garlic and saute till golden color.
  • Add onion and cook till transparent.
  • Add thyme and seasoning in it.
  • Add mushroom and saute till water evaporates from mushroom.
  • Add cream and give one boil.
  • Add cooked farfalle and toss the pasta till it get coated with sauce.
  • Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese and a parsley sprig.