Corn fed chicken

Corn fed chicken

Dish Name : Corn fed chicken

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
For Marination
5 KG Corn fed chicken
0.15 KG Salt
0.08 KG Black Pepper
0.4 KG Butter
0.015 KG Rosemary
For Sauce
0.5 KG Artichoke canned
1 KG Tomato
0.1 KG Extra virgin olive oil
0.01 KG Sugar
0.015 KG Parsley
0.015 KG Thyme
0.005 KG salt
0.1 KG Butter


  • Marinate the chicken with salt pepper, rosemary and inserts chopped butter under the skin of the chicken
  • Truss the chicken and roast in an oven until the juices run clear
  • Heat olive oil and saute chopped and blanched tomatoes. Cook until soft
  • Season with sugar, salt, and herbs
  • Melt butter in another pan and saute the artichokes. Season them with chopped thyme
  • Present the roast chicken with sauce and sauteed artichokes
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