Coq au vin - Standard Recipe

Dish name: Coq au vin

Ingredients for 10 Portions

Qty Unit Description
2.5 Kg Chicken
0.08 Kg Bacon
0.13 Kg Carrot
0.05 Kg Mushroom
0.13 Kg Onion
0.5 Kg Butter
0.05 Kg Flour
0.35 ltrs Chicken stock
0.1 Kg Tomato puree
0.25 ltrs Red Wine


  • Marinate chicken overnite with red wine and mire poix
  • Take butter in a pan and saute chopped bacon.
  • Season chicken with flour and sear it in the bacon.
  • Add chicken stock and mirepoix with the liquer used to marinate the chicken.
  • Put all the chicken pieces in the container and keep in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 mins
  • Add turned carrots,shallots and mushroom when at last 10 mins in the oven
  • Strain the jus and use the turned vegetables and reduce.
  • Add chicken pieces and serve hot.