Confit of duck with mushrooms

Dish Name: Confit of duck with mushrooms

Ingredients for 2 Portions

Qty Unit Description
0.4 KG Duck breast
0.15 KG Juniper berries
0.2 KG Button Mushrooms
0.05 KG Shitake
0.05 KG Morels
0.5 KG Pumpkin macedoine cut
0.01 KG Garlic
0.05 KG Onion
0.01 KG Salt
0.005 KG Pepper
0.1 KG Butter
0.2 LITRES Olive oil
2 LITRES Orange
0.01 KG Thyme
0.025 KG Sugar


  • Combine olive oil, juniper berries, thyme and add duck breast to the same.
  • Let the duck stew in the olive oil for about 2-3 hours until soft on very low heat.
  • In another pan heat half of butter and saute sliced mushrooms with chopped onion and garlic
  • Combine pumpkin with salt pepper and little oil and roast in an oven.
  • Reduce the orange juice, take it off the flame and add cold butter to it and whisk until it thickens
  • Now serve the confit of duck with sauteed mushrooms and orange sauce.
  • The oil in which duck was stewed can be used again to stew.