Comte crusted norwegian salmon with lime confit


A french recipie - Lemon confit should be made atleast a week prior.

Ingredients for _10 portions

Qty Unit Description
1.8 Kg Norwegian salmon steak
0.1 Kg Bread crumbs
0.025 Kg Paprika powder
0.03 Kg Salt
0.06 Kg Black pepper
0.1 Kg Comte cheese
0.5 Kg Lemon
0.1 Kg Sugar
0.3 Kg Asparagus
0.02 Kg Thyme
0.03 Kg Pink peppercorns
0.6 Litre Cream
0.1 Kg Onion/ Shallots
0.02 Kg Garlic
0.15 Litre Extra virgin olive oil
0.1 Kg Butter

Lime confit :

  • Boil 250gm of sliced lemons with sugar and water for 10 mins , remove from flame and let the lemon steep in there for over a week
    Baked salmon :
  • Remove the skin from the steak of the salmon & marinate the pave with salt, pepper,thyme and olive oil.
  • Make the crust by mixing bread crumbs, paprika powder, grated comte cheese and crushed pink peppercorn
  • Sear the fish and apply the crust on the skin side of the steak and finish in the oven
    and 180 °c
    Bueree blanc :
  • Boil white wine & white wine vinegar, reduce with chopped onions and garlic
  • Add cream and reduce further to make buerre blanc
    Plating :
  • Serve the fish with butter tossed asparagus & lemon confit.

Accompaniment : buerre blanc.