Competitor - Occupancy, Room rates, ADR etc


Any website is available free to check competitor hotels’ room rates, occupancy, ADR etc.

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@Prasanna_Jayawaradan Nice post, I did a google for such a website but nothing came up.

But, I wonder even if there was any such website do you think hotels are willing to upload their Comset figures online? :thinking: :thinking:

We personally I am ready to share these online anyway these values are passed over the phone to other hotels in your area.

Very nice discussion I think it’s nice to have a common platform for hoteliers around the world to share their basic statistical values daily and also look up other hotels near to them who are also using the same web app for entering their Occupancy, Room Rates, ADR etc.

@Prasanna_Jayawaradan what would be the data which you would most probably look for in a Competitor Analysis? Can you please list them down.

@My Dear Freind,

We can use STR report , but we have to pay some money for the details , that is why I’m looking for some free website. STR report shows MPI, ARI and RGI data which very important for Hoteliers.


01.ARI (ADR= Average daily rate)
02.MPI (Market Penetration = Market share)
03. RGI (Revenenure generation Index= REVPAR)

@Prasanna_Jayawaradan Many thanks.

Currently cannot find any similar services like STR, and what I was thinking is even if suppose there was a free app which allows hoteliers to share their Compset values daily will you use that platform?

The main question is will the hotel’s willing to share these details publicly on an online platform? The reason being that the website will not have any usefully data unless there are at-least a couple of hotel’s in the same area willing to share these info online?

What are your thoughts on this?


Most of Reputed Hotels are currently sharing their data with STR, and with market vision also, but with other sites ??? as you said ,anyway I’m trying my best to find a way…Lets hope Good.Thank you for your valuable reply with interest on this subject.