Classic Vichyssoise

Dish Name : Classic Vichyssoise

Vichyssoise is a thick French soup made of boiled and puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. It is traditionally served cold but it can be consumed hot.

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
1 Kg Diced potatoes
0.1 Kg Diced leeks
0.2 Kg Diced onions
2 Litre Chicken stock
0.13 Kg Butter
0.01 Kg Salt
0.05 Kg Crushed pepper
0.03 Litre Cream


  • Saute diced potatoes,onions and leeks in butter.
  • Add stock and allow it to cook on a slow flame.
  • Puree the mixture once it is cooked and then strain it through muslin.
  • Season it and finish with cream