Chinese Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup

Dish Name :Chinese Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup

The below recipe is a very popular authentic Chinese style - sweet corn chicken soup. Addition of green peas is optional.

Ingredients for 3.8 litres

Qty Unit Description
1.5 Kg Chicken breast
0.8 Kg Canned sweet corn -creamed
0.08 Kg Salt
0.05 Litre Light soya
0.03 Litre Vinegar
0.01 Kg White pepper
0.05 Kg Spring onions
0.004 Kg Garlic
1.2 Litre Chicken stock
0.02 Kg Corn flour
0.05 Litre Sesame oil
0.12 Kg Egg whites


  • Saute chopped garlic in wok in sesame oil. Add corn and stock & bring to boil.
  • Add chicken julienne & let it cook. Add light soya, vinegar, white pepper, salt & simmer.
  • When chicken is cooked add diluted corn flour to thicken & egg drops to get white thread.
  • Finish with chopped spring onions while serving.