Chicken Jus - Standard Recipe

Chicken Jus

Dish Name : Chicken Jus

Ingredients for 1 Lt

Qty Unit Description
1 KG Diced carrots
1 KG Diced onions
1 KG Diced celery
1 KG Diced leeks
0.06 KG Diced garlic
0.3 KG Diced tomatoes
0.3 KG Diced mushrooms
0.02 KG white peppercorns
0.2 KG tomato paste
0.1 KG parsley stalks
0.1 KG thyme
0.05 KG tarragon
0.05 KG rosemary
4 KG bones
1.5 KG red wine
0.1 KG chilled butter


  • Blanch the bones in cold water and strain
  • Roast the bones and mire poix separately in a moderately hot oven
  • In a stock pot, combine bones and tomato paste and cook.add red wine and then add chopped tomatoes and cold water and bring to boil.
  • Add mire poix in the last one hour of cooking along with the herbs
  • Strain the stock and cool as soon as possible
  • Now reduce the stock till it is reduced to a thick glaze
  • Take it off the flame and blend in chilled butter until the emulsion is formed and the sauce is thick