Chicken Blanquette

Dish Name: Chicken Blanquette

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
2 KG Chicken curry cut
0.65 KG Onion
0.1 KG Leeks
0.13 KG Celery
4 LTS Chicken Stock
0.2 KG Egg Yolk
0.25 KG Flour
0.08 KG Salt
0.1 KG Parsley
0.35 KG Butter
0.9 LTS Cream

Method :

  • Heat butter in a pan and lightly saute the onions and leeks till it starts to sweat
  • Add celery and stir lightly
  • Add pieces of chicken with one side facing down so as to sear the meat without browning
  • Add 15 ml. of white wine and turn the meat to the other side to complete searing process
  • Add stock to immerse 2/3 rd of the meat in the liquid
  • Remove from flame and place on not plate for 20 min., keeping covered with a lid
  • Take the pan off the hot plate and set aside to cool
  • Take out chicken pieces and arrange on serving platter
  • Heat blond roux and thicken the liquid and finish it off with cream
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