Changing the Mindset of My Hotel Staff

I have a small hotel and is looking at changing the mindset of its workers. We have gotten comfortable with how we do things. The feeling of management is that we need to be more forward thinking. We have devised some training session for this.

The problem is that this development series is to capture the whole organisation. I don’t want to take the standard approach of making it monitory and everyone coming over time.

This way of thinking represents a cultural shift and I want to ensure that I create a buzz around it, remove the old way of thinking and actively create a new one. We normally use emails and the intranet / staff portel etc. to plug or new courses. Are there there any other fresh way to approach this? Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance


What you could try is to arrange external training programs to your staff like two days seminar with training, games and activities arranged by reputed hospitality training companies.


A good training program conducted by hotel training would be the best bet.

Additionally, if you have tie-up with other hotels with better operating standards then you can send your staff for exposure training to those hotels.


@tin1982 @thinkhotelier Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


Even for the small hotel, training department is very important to insure that the quality of service is going on in best situation. so you need to hire a professional training manger or supervisor to follow these issues.