Celery sauce - Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Celery sauce

Ingredients for 500 ml

Qty Unit Description
0.03 KG Shallots
0.01 KG Garlic
0.002 KG Bayleaf
0.005 KG Cracked black pepper
0.05 KG Bacon
0.25 KG Celery
0.005 KG Cayenne pepper
0.01 KG Salt
0.1 Lt White wine
0.2 Lt Noilly prat
3 Lt Fish stock
0.4 Lt Cream


  • Render the bacon and saute chopped shallots and garlic for a minute
  • Add white wine, noilly prat and fish stock, very finely chopped celery, bayleaf and reduce the sauce to half
  • Add thick cream and reduce the sauce further
  • Take it off the flame and season the sauce with salt and cayenne pepper.
  • You could choose to strain the sauce or serve it unstrained