Cappuccino of Summer Vegetables

Dish Name : Cappuccino of Summer Vegetables

Cappuccino is an Italian layered coffee with espresso, milk & foam on top. Here we resembles the foam with whipped cream over the soup.

Ingredients for 2 Litres

Qty Unit Description
0.1 Kg Butter
0.15 Kg Mushroom
0.1 Kg Diced carrot
0.1 Kg Diced peppers green
0.1 Kg Diced peppers red
0.1 Kg Diced peppers yellow
0.1 Kg Diced morrel
0.1 Kg Diced zucchini green
0.1 Kg Diced zucchini yellow
1.2 Litre Chicken consomme
0.06 Kg Pesto
0.03 Kg Salt
0.015 Kg Pepper
0.2 Litre Cream
0.02 Kg Sundried tomato (powder)


  • Heat butter & add all the vegetables chopped, in the sequence they will cook.
  • Add chicken consomme, cook for 10 mins and season with pesto.
  • Blend the mixture to get a fine puree. Season with salt & pepper.
  • Whip the cream till frothy. Portion the soup into soup cups.
  • Spoon over the froth to resemble cappuccino
  • Garnish with crushed sundried tomato powder