Can you refuse housekeeping?

As a hotel or service apartment, is it possible to refuse housekeeping services to a guest?

No, if you are in hospitality, you must provide housekeeping.

You can delay the service if the guest is requesting full service at an odd time of the day like early morning 3 or 4 am. But you must do the minimum cleaning as per the guest’s request and inform him/her that a full service will be provided during the day time.

You cannot refuse housekeeping at all.

If it’s a serviced apartment with no housekeeping - It should be made clear to the guest before he/she book the stay, that there is no housekeeping provided during the stay.
Then it’s called more or less a rented house/room, than a serviced apartment because there is no service provided.

If you have housekeeping every alternate day or any particular schedule, then that should be clearly informed to the guest prior to booking.

As per standards in hospitality with respect to accommodation, whether it’s a hotel or apartment hotel or serviced apartment – you must provide housekeeping.

Guests can refuse housekeeping for a maximum of 3 consecutive days in hotels.