Can someone help with cost cutting?

Cost Cutting

What has everyone done to cut costs some this year? I know that here in our area it has been a pretty tight year. We worked with an efficiency consulting company and it has helped tremendously. They were able to go through the operation and help us trim out about 25% of our costs. What has worked for everyone else?


@Keerthana_Siva People can achieve that without much effort by cutting amenities or combining some positions or doing similar things, It`s a little bit tricky, the cost goes down immediately but the revenue will be gradually reduced,because the service deteriorate rapidly,and the guests leave and never come back gradually.


@Keerthana_Siva We purchased our cleaning supplies in bulk, switched suppliers, mixed cleaners on premise, with savings of about 16%.

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@ joao Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you @Bajrang this was indeed very helpful

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