Can any one help me pre opening hotel and resort?

Hi hoteliers!

Idea’s for pre-opening is the 1st-star resort with a different riding how many employees do I need? I hope somebody helps me…

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@enchantedmountain20 do you want to find out the staffing for only the housekeeping department?

Normally, it depends up on the number of rooms and the time taken to clean one room in your hotel.

If you are talking of start up staffing then you must know that if you have restaurant, laundary, security account unit, front dest. Have it in mind to get up to 24 staff, thought you never told us the size of the hotel this would have be of great assistance. Mentioned above department would need at least 2 person per sift.


Thank you sir prince & tin1982!

This is a big help for me soon.


  • staffing , it depends , How many key / outlets / space of the public areas / stay types ( long - short terms )
  • you must have check list for all needed
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