Caesar salad dressing

Caesar salad dressing

Dish Name : Caear salad dressing

Ingredients for 600ml

Qty Unit Description
0.05 KG Egg yolk
0.4 LITER Olive oil
0.003 KG Mustard
0.07 KG Parmesan cheese
0.03 KG Anchovies
0.05 KG chives
0.02 KG shallots
0.02 LITRE lemon juice
0.05 KG garlic
0.002 KG salt
0.002 KG pepper


  • Pound garlic with anchovies, salt and pepper
  • Mix dijon mustard with the anchovy paste, lemon juice and egg yolks
  • Blend olive oil in a thin stream whisking all the time until a thick emulsion is formed
  • Add chopped shallots and chives