Butter braised lobster tail with artichoke mash

Dish Name : Butter braised lobster tail with artichoke mash

Lobster was once known as the poor man’s meal which is an expensive dish now a days. Spiny lobster tail is used in this preparation.

Ingredients for 10portions

Qty Unit Description
1.8 KG Cleaned Lobster tails
0.65 KG Clarified butter
0.01 KG Salt
0.06 KG Black pepper
0.5 KG Artichokes canned
0.01 KG Mash potatoes
0.1 KG Leeks
0.1 KG Celery
0.1 KG Tomatoes
0.1 KG Carrots
0.1 KG Onions
0.1 KG Beetroot
0.03 KG Ginger
0.1 KG Spring onion
0.01 LITRE Balsamic vinaigrette


  • Clean the lobster tails and sear it in a hot pan.
  • Put the tails in clarified butter, season it and braise in a slow oven at about 90 °C till it becomes soft
  • Mix the mash with quarters of artichokes and place it at the centre of the plate with lobster tail on top
  • Serve with a salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

Accompaniment : Garlic lemon butter sauce