Brocolli Salad - Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Brocolli Salad

Ingredients for 5 portions

Qty Unit Description
0.5 KG Brocolli florets
0.06 LTR Olive oil
0.015 KG Salt
0.01 KG Black pepper
0.1 KG Chopped Roasted almonds
0.05 KG Chopped spring onions
0.05 KG Chopped tomatoes


  • Blanch brocolli florets in water
  • Toss brocolli in half of olive oil, salt and crushed black pepper and plate in the platter
  • Heat remaining olive oil and saute the slivered almonds until golden brown
  • Remove it from the fire and add chopped spring onion, chopped tomatoes and put it over the plated brocolli and serve