Brigarde orange sauce

Brigarde orange sauce

Dish Name :Brigarde orange sauce

Ingredients for 800 ml

Qty Unit Description
0.3 KG Sugar
0.22 KG Butter
0.6 Lt Port
0.7 Lt Orange juice
0.09 KG Orange zest grated
0.005 KG Lemon zest grated
3 Lt Veal stock
0.25 Lt Curacoa
0.05 KG Orange zest julienne
0.005 KG Cayenne pepper
0.01 KG Salt


  • Combine all the ingredients except butter, salt and cayenne pepper in a heavy bottom stock pot and
  • Reduce to one fourth or until thick and syrupy
  • Take it off th fire and blend in chilled butter until a thick emulsion is formed
  • Season the sauce and serve