Boutique Hotels in USA

Hello Everyone. My name is Sireesha. I am conducting research on Boutique Hotel in South Florida. As part of my secondary research, I have called a couple of hotels to see whether they have a human resource department or not. Most of the boutique hotels’ staff said that their front desk manager does all the HR duties unlike in big hotels where they have a specific HR department. So, I was wondering how would a typical Boutique Hotel’s organizational chart look like. If any of you have any idea about it, please let me know.

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Dear How Many Rooms Property ?
City Based / Resort ?
Total Area of Hotel ?

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My research is about different types of boutique hotels. For example, in general if I say the boutique hotels I am looking at have less than 100 rooms and located in Miami, Florida,US. Will they have a separate HR department?

@Sireesha_Boyapati Unfortunately I do not have any suggestions regarding hotels in Miami or USA but I think a hotel which is having rooms between 30 to 100 would definitely require a dedicated HR manager or HR Executive or a outsourced HR consultancy in order to comply and effectively manage the staffing requirement at the hotel.

Do note that it is note that the role of HR is only about hiring staff there is other key roles like compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, recruitment and selection etc.

@Sireesha_Boyapati hey there it is must have a senior HR in the hotel to take care of the employee hiring, its not only about hiring or recruiting, the HR would be responsible for the staff requirements and any problems to sort out in between them or departments, as a boutique hotel require a lot more experienced staff to take care of, as the chart follows

As a basic flow chart, this will be must if you need to manage a hotel properly, i had just given you basic info if required you can ask me more.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate you for providing a detailed response. I kind of have an idea about the general organizational structure of a hotel (Like the one you sent). Here, I am looking for the one that is more specific to boutique hotels. Please attach it here if you know/have any information regarding the structure of boutique hotels. I kind of know that it all depends on the hotel’s budget and a number of rooms whether to hire a specific HR professional or not. If they have less than 25 rooms, they are ok with front desk manager handling all the HR duties. But my concern is like you said, HR is not only about hiring, HR has more responsibilities like what if some hotel guest who is staying overnight at the hotel is misbehaving with staff after office hours when front desk manager is not available. Whom do the employees approach for help during late hours? How about training the staff against sexual harassment? Obviously, the front desk manager won’t be able to do that as he/she is not professionally trained in that area, unlike an HR professional. Please comment if you have anything to say here.


Thank you so much for your reply. I do understand other duties of HR in any kind of hotel. That is the main intention behind my research to see how are the boutique hotels able to manage other functions of HR without actually having an HR. Moreover, I have reviewed job responsibilities of front desk managers at hotels, in general, on a couple of websites. To my surprise, it was mentioned in their job duties to take care of most of HR duties. That is why I was wondering.

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