Books on Starting / Running (Boutique) Hotels?

Hey folks. How’s it going? I was wondering if you could recommend books on running a hotel, especially boutique hotels? I wanted to familiarize myself with what I should know entering into such an endeavour. Thanks in advance! Any reading material is welcome, not just books btw! Cheers! This is for a Netherlands based boutique hotel if that is at all relevant :slight_smile:

Also, I’d love to hear your recommendations on hotel tech that would be suitable for a boutique hotel. Thanks again!

If you want to setup the hotel own your own then you will have to do some self studies and research like visiting other boutique hotels, list out the facilities provided, theme etc.

Other option is to hire a 3rd party consultant who can help you accomplish this task and provide exact guidance, project report, feasibility study etc. to setup your boutique property.

Also, in any case here is the link to hotel pre-opening checklist may be you can familiarise with the tasks involved in opening up hotel. Even though its a generic hotel pre-opening format this should give you a good idea to open hotel.

Hope this helps and wishing you much success!

Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out.