Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms?

i am in serious problem, property i look after is Airport/Business hotel & also has lots of lay over passengers too.

And the main pain problem i am facing is on bed bugs. How to get rid of them coz its making my life hell?
Any one has any ideas or suggestions?

The best way is to hire a professional pest control team. There needs to planned preventative maintenance in relation to this issue. In hot climates it is prevalent, hence here in Egypt we adopt this schedule for staff housing first as this is the usual source. Then a scheduled deep clean of rooms and then pest control spray of the whole bedroom. This way the pest control company is liable for any infestation that occur. The furniture then needs to be dried in the sun and all soft furnishings need to be bagged separately and washed separately.

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@oaw1912 Many thanks for your kind suggestions. We did try higher professional pest control team but the result did not turnout well.

BTW we never thought of doing similar pest control at the staff accommodation as well will take care of that in the future. Also we might look for a different vendor for pest control this time.

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Bed bugs obviously do not come with the new mattress the hotel started with. It was brought in somehow, and left to manifest.

They love dark warm and moist conditions to thrive. Direct sunlight usually does the trick. If not then a infra red vacuum cleaner would. If all fails, change entire mattress, pillows, duvets double without wasting much time :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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you need to hire a good exterminator vendor and do regular pest control activities for your hotel.

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How long have you been using the bed mattress?Usually if you have open area where you can sun dry the mattress then you can try.Regular pest control can help if they’re not cheating with the chemicals they used.

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Yes, Bring in the pro’s to fix your bug problem from the root. Try to higher a reliable, trustworthy and prover track record vendor even if the cost is on a bit higher side.

I am sure you will be able to fix the bug issues for sure :smile: