Beef Carbonnade - Standard Recipe

Beef Carbonade

Dish Name : Beef Carbonade

Ingredients for 2.6 kg

Qty Unit Description
1 Kg Beef
0.5 Kg Onion
0.5 Kg Jus (see recipe)
0.1 Kg Salt
0.1 Kg Black pepper
0.2 Kg Flour
0.2 Litre Beer


  • Make a mixture of salt, pepper and flour. Coat the beef with the same.
  • Heat oil in a pan, on a high flame and cook the flour coated beef on the pan.
  • Repeat the same with onion in the same pan.
  • In a pot, place the beef, onions, beer and pour the jus on top.
  • Braise this pot in an oven for 30 minutes and serve