Become our Parton - We Need Your Support

Become our Parton - We Need Your Support

As a hotelier, you understand that running a hotel business is no less than rocket science. Each department right from the front office to the back of the house is a huge machine with lots of moving parts. Every department which is interdependent should be working smoothly like a well-oiled machine that too on a daily basis. In a nutshell, hotel operations are time-consuming, they involve a lot of manpower, effort, and expense.

At SetupMyHotel we have been sharing years of knowledge from industry veterans since 2011. We will help you make sure you have the right hotel stationery, forms & documents to ensure your workflow is smooth, making sure your operations are as efficient as possible.

Both and HotelTalk has been free and aims to be free forever, we have not charged a single penny for any content and downloads since the start. We have been happily contributing to the hotelier community by saving massive time, money, IT infrastructure and resources for almost a decade. And to keep continuing doing so in the future we need your support to keep pay operating expenses.

We wish to step up our game and bring you more actionable content that will help you thrive in your hotel business.

Support on our journey by becoming our patron! Visit our Patreon page for more details:

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