Battling Tripadvisor Reviews effectively

Although Tripadvisor can be a good marketing plus for well-managed, service-orientated properties, their rating system and lack of proper screening of reviews can be disasterous.

The Owners’ Response facility which they suggest that establishments use to counter negative reviews, as well as to recognise favourable reviews, has too many problems and has received too many complaints, as can be seen by the Owners’ Forum on Tripadvisor itself.

As a property owner or hotelier how do you tackle these fake or exaggerated negative reviews??

Responding to negative reviews is undoubtedly vital if you want to redeem your hotel not only in the eyes of the reviewer, but in the eyes of other potential visitors reading reviews.

When it comes to responding to bad reviews, there’s a definite right way and wrong way in how you engage with guests.

Especially response to negative reviews should be timely, respectful, and thoroughly addresses all of the guest’s concerns in a well-worded and heartfelt message. It also encourages the guest to return and see how they’ve turned things around.

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