Basil & Pine Nut Crusted Rack of Lamb

Dish Name : Basil & Pine Nut Crusted Rack of Lamb

A fusion recipe.Australian rack of lamb with Italian pasta - ravioli in nepolitana sauce accompanied with butter glazed vegetables.

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
Meat marination
2 Kg Rack of lamb
0.1 Kg Olive oil
0.1 Kg Garlic
0.02 Kg Rosemery dry
0.02 Kg Salt
0.01 Kg Pepper
For crust
0.1 Kg Pine nut
0.1 Kg Basil
Vegetables for side
0.1 Kg Zucchini
0.1 Kg Baby carrot
0.1 Kg Brocolli
0.1 Kg Beans
0.2 Kg Butter
For pasta
1 Kg Ravioli
0.4 Kg Nepolitana sauce
0.05 Kg Black olivas
0.05 Kg Shredded parmesan cheese
0.05 Kg Rosemary sprig

Method :

  • Cut all the vegetables in to baton shape and blanch.
  • Marinate the rack of lamb in olive oil,chopped garlic,rosemary, salt & pepper.Rest for 30 mins.
  • Prepare the mix for crust with pine nut and chopped fresh basil.
  • Boil ravioli strain & keep aside. Prepare parmessan crackling for garnish and keep aside.
  • Sear the lamb rack & apply the crust on it.
  • Butter toss the blanched vegetables and season them.
  • Toss the ravioli in nepolitana sauce & add black olive slices.
  • Assemble the meat, ravioli and blanched vegitables.
  • Garnish with parnesan crackling, rosemary sprig and serve hot.