Are there any disadvantages to using multiple online booking sites?


I am purchasing a small boutique hotel with 2 business partners. This is a small project, there are 9 rooms and average value of the room is roughly $80/night. I have a background in marketing, although not in hospitality so I am learning as much as possible. Currently the business is generating all of its bookings via & TripAdvisor.

My initial thoughts were why not start taking bookings from more booking sites as you are only paying a commission on bookings anyway. I appreciate that there may be disadvantages to registering with lots of sites though so wanted to get some advice…

What are the pros & cons of receiving bookings from multiple booking sites? For reference we were considering keeping Booking com & TripAdvisor and adding Expedia, and 1 other. The hotel is based in Europe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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My preliminary ideas were why not begin reservations from more arranging websites as you are only spending a percentage on reservations anyway. I appreciate that there may be drawbacks to applying with plenty of websites though so desired to get some guidance.

These websites will advertise on your hotel brand name in google adwords. and they have huge budgets so that their adverts will be at the top of google search when someone googles your hotel name,

so they will grab some of the guests who may have booked with you direct, and make their 15% - 25% commission.

This is a nice question. Advantage will be of different brands and traffic to your hotel. Disadvantage will be minimal as you are getting bookings from different booking engines.