Are hotel rooms safe?

Are hotel rooms safe?

With respect to the current scenario of the pandemic, nobody can assure 100% safety.
If room alone is considered, as long as the room is completely disinfected and everything is replaced after the previous guest checked out, 99% it’s safe.
Hotels are places where people gather: people who are completely unknown to each other and probably from countries all over the world. That makes communal areas, like restaurants, elevators and swimming pools, the most likely place for the virus to transmit.
My suggestion: The only way to eliminate risk is to not stay in a hotel – so think about whether your trip is strictly necessary.

Most major hotel chains have increased their cleaning protocol.
Hilton has pledged extra disinfecting of frequently touched areas in guest rooms, increased cleaning of communal spaces, and a ‘room seal’ to show it hasn’t been accessed since whenever it was last disinfected. Marriott, meanwhile, says guest-room surfaces will now be treated with hospital-grade disinfectants more regularly and is offering disinfecting wipes for guests’ use. Hyatt is going further and removing certain ‘high-touch’ items from rooms.

Is the question – with respect to pandemic or?

I believe it’s safe to stay in a hotel minus the pandemic. The present ‘hotel industry’, is proof of safety for travelers around the world.

NB: do not watch the movie – Psycho (1960) – before your journey …lol

For sure, hotels are safer than the bus, train and other places we use all time. So you can use any hotel with more attention and protection than before. I hope you all safe always.