Annual loss and damage analysis for Hotels

Hello all, for better inventory and budget control hotels need to keep track of lost and damaged products. Staff can count products (glassware, porcelain, flatware, linen etc.) monthly and state current condition with loss and damaged numbers. But in order to see how we are at the end of the year, i think we need to compare some numbers with references numbers. For example, if the acceptable damage percentage for the glass group is 12-15% and mine is 20% i can say that i am doing something wrong.

Are there reference/common/global percentages or a study / analysis on the subject?



Where can I find the videos?

@shanti not sure about any acceptable breakage percentage in a restaurant or hotel operations. But the lesser the percentage the better loss prevention controlling and training is done by the hotel because breakage of china, glassware and other service supplies is potentially serious problem.

Another thing to note is the maximum breakage or mis handling of service equipments happens in the dish washing area as per statistics around 75 to 80% of breakage happens in the soiled dish wash area. So good supervision and staff training is required to prevent such miss-handling and to also bring down your damage percentage.

You will also need to consider theft by staff and guests while calculating your damage percentage. Hope it helps to give further insights on your question.

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Yes, you are right that hotels must aim the least possible all the time. But there will be losses so when that happens I need to check whether I am at the safe side or not. Maybe i will make those reference percentage as target values for my operations for beginning and then revise/improve.

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Yes exactly that should be the target, find out what is the current breakage percentage and try to set a lower breakage percentage as a target value for your operation team.

In any case each hotel operations are different and unique so its better to find your set targets as per your operational goals.