Annual Goals For Housekeeper

Hello Housekeepers, Can someone give details on the ‘Annual Goals For Housekeepers’?


Here are some of the main yearly goals for Executive Housekeepers.

  • Room-by-Room Cleanliness

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Specialty Cleaning Projects

  • Neatness and Organization

  • Assists fellow employees where needed
  • Is responsible and cooperative with supervisors, fellow employees, residents, visitors, etc.
  • Maintains professional attitude
  • Maintains professional appearance
  • Accepts constructive criticism as evidenced by appropriate changes in behavior
  • Utilizes established channels of communication effectively
  • Recognizes, accepts and respects people as individuals
  • Recognizes limitations and seeks assistance appropriately
  • Volunteers assistance to residents, families, visitors as needed
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to the culture within the workplace
  • Demonstrates knowledge of facility policy for Zero
  • Tolerance for Workplace Violence and Substance Use
  • Demonstrates support of the mission and vision of the facility