Amenity for pool / beach guest

Could you give a suggestion for Amenities for pool and beach guest. Of course something cold and fresh, thanks in advance.


If you are referring to the pool bar menu then anytime a ‘Light menu featuring creative salads and sandwiches, beer, fruit and frozen cocktails’ should be a good fit.

Or are you referring to particularly to amenities only like pool towel, cold wipes etc?


@topaloglumk here is a sample poolside menu if this is what your are looking for. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sample-Poolside-Menu.pdf (629.3 KB)


Actually I m talking about Something cold and maybe icy to be served at the pool/beach as free.

Slush is the best icy drink to be offered for free on beach and pool.

Readymade slush concentrate of different flavors ( mango/passionfruit etc) are available , just need to put ice ice and crush in blender , so refreshing ice cold drink , :heart_eyes: :tropical_drink: :beach_umbrella:perfect for beach holiday

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@topaloglumk if u ask about cold aminity for beach guest,u may offer them cold wet tissues
or cold towels which is carried in an icebox to the guest and schedule it on every 1 hr intervals.

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