AH&LA - Hotel Management Diploma valid Certificate for Canada PR Process?

Hello Hoteliers,

I have done a Diploma in hotel management by American Hotel And Lodging Association - AH&LA or currently known as the AHLEI American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. I would like to know if this diploma is valid by the World Education Services ( WES ) i

As far as I am aware WES doesn’t recognise this as a valid diploma because it’s not approved by UGC - University Grants Commission or AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education.

Did anyone apply for PR or higher education in Canada or the US and was able to get points for Education?

I think you are correct the Diploma from AH&LA is not approved by the AICTE or UGC in India and If I am not wrong the WES also doesn’t evaluate this particular diploma course.

So if you or your known ones are a planning to do a hotel management course in India then it is better to do it from a reputed collage and course ideally a Degree like Bsc. in Hotel Management from a AICTE or UGC approved university or college.

And that said it doesn’t mean that AHLA diploma is not valid in India and you will not get a job, the issue comes when you try for PR for Canada or Australia or Germany Blue Card etc. you will not be eligible for the Points for Education as they are not recognised and you need to feel sad at that point of time.

Hope fully this will change soon and the AH&LA India office will do the required to recognise with AICTE or UGC.

You will have to be very particular when selecting the courses for doing hotel management. if you are based in India then IHM would be first choice as its been run by Gov. of India.

The students should be very carful when joining hotel management schools. Most of them are not affiliated to any university or UGC or AICTE approved so in such cases the value of your certificate will be not great when you try to apply for a job or Permanent Residency or Work Visa in abroad.

Especially the courses from AHLA or American hotel and lodging association is one such course which is exorbitantly expensive and on the other hand not considered as a valid course when you apply for a Permanent Residency in countries like Canada or Australia. I have a friend who did a 3 Year diploma from AHLA but didn’t get any points for education while applying for PR. The main reason is AHLA is not a degree or approved gov. diploma.

My advise will be to always opt-in for a Bsc. Degree in Hotel management from an approved UGC or ACITE university or college. This is going to be important decision other wise you will regret it in future. Don’t fall into the traps of these small hotel schools always check if the hotel school is approved by AICTE or UGC.

Good luck and all the best.

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