About the Bakery category

  1. Bread rolls: Golden brown in colour soft and spongy texture, smooth and even crust with a pleasing fresh baked aroma and taste.

  2. Vanilla buns: Soft and springy with a light golden crust and a dominant aroma and taste of vanilla.

  3. Madeira cake: Rich and dense structured cake with a light golden brown cake top and uniformly cracked where the strips of peel are intentionally placed.

  4. Swiss rolls: A soft, light and airy cake sponge spread over with thinned down mixed fruit jam and neatly rolled into a cylinder.

  5. Bread loaf: Smooth golden brown crusted bread, having a soft crumb with uniform web structure.

  6. Genoise sponge: A light and airy but slightly moist sponge cake with ample height and a darker top.

  7. Melting moments: Off white colour cookies flecked with crispy bits of cornflakes, flat and round in shape with a closed and compact texture and having a pleasing lemon aroma and taste.

  8. Swiss tarts: A light golden yellow coloured biscuit with a compact and crumbly texture, and a buttery flavour.

  9. Brioche: A soft light and airy bread made from a rich yeast dough, with a golden brown colour and a smooth crust complete with a dainty kno-b of dough on the top of it.