About hotel hierarchy, when to change and how to change?

If you are employed in the hotel industry,think about the organization chart of the property where you work. Have you seen this hierarchy change since you have been employed there? If so, what do you think caused this change?

At least, each year when you make next year`s work plan,you should review the organization structure, no matter to cut or add new position, it affects a lot of things, much more than what people usually expect.

I have the same question when I was still in a Branded Hotel (that’s when I was a junior officer handling Banquets). The long straight line filled with boxes, names and duties! Normally, it is the GM who sits on top and his/her key-people. Of course, it clearly shows the strength of the hotel indicating the total number of HOD’s (head-of-department).

It is good to know where are you located and to show to everybody your rank but I have decided to change that and inverted the normal flow of an Org chart and put my Customer on top of all, followed by simple staff and the GM on the last part.

Many of my HOD’s asked me why including my HR Manager and my reason to them? I just wanted my staffs and HOD to know what is the true meaning of Hospitality/Service and to support my objective of “Guest First all the Time! Every Time!” - I am very happy with result… They became more sensitive than ever… All the best.

I believe its depends on the budgeted allocated for every hotel, therefore the hierarchy would be different once a year.