A question about hotel technology

What does everyone here use for online guest request logging? Looking for something that does not cost a fortune.

What does that mean ? “online guest request logging”, like recording those online reservations or complains? the website which receives those stuffs should generate reports whatever you want, just ask for some custom reports. or simply those Micro Excel, ask your staff to check per 20 minutes or likely, and make some records and reports manually, believe me, this can help them to know their business more.

It is relatively easy to add a simple form to an existing website, with may books available depending on the technology used for the site. This form can have a action assigned that it we email you with the guests preferences. This saves you staff having to check the site frequently.


There are many hotel software provider which has a ‘Guest Messaging Software’ few example softwares are Whistle, EasyWay, Monscierge Guest etc. Checkout those on the web.

Hey, btw I would rather user a whatsappp business account to track all guest requests, may be create one for reservation and another for guest services. This definitely don’t cost you a fortune as its totally FREE!