A question about Carving Trolleys


Since I have not had the opportunity to actually seeing and interacting with a carving trolley, I would like to know a little about its construction and structure

  1. Is the carving surface kept hot/warm with a water bath from under? How is this water fuelled? Is it not risky to move the trolley with hot water in it? If it is not fuelled then this hot water would have to be replaced many times during the course of an evening

  2. What is the actual carving surface of a carving trolley made of?

  3. Is a carving trolley the same as a roast beef trolley?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

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The bottom of the trolley container is like double U, water is locked inside, alcohol lamp with solid alcohol was put under the container, the supervisor will check the situation periodically and add solid alcohol accordingly.

The carving trolley is a special trolley with a joint of meat in a warming dish, and a flat surface for carving it, which can be wheeled from table to table in a restaurant.

Here is a detailed article about the different type of carving trollies used in the Food and Beverage Service outlets.


Hope this helps!!

Thanks a lot - this has completed my understanding of the same and @Martine thanks for the link to that great post :slight_smile:

BTW what fuel is generally used to heat up from below.

Alcohol lamp with solid alcohol or Chafing Fuel or Chafing Gel Dish.