8 hours work shift, first time in Hospitality Industry

What has been unheard of is happening in India. The backbone of India’s business and the sector which has provided a livelihood to millions of people across the Globe is finally getting its due. Yes, you are right, the Hospitality Industry will finally see justice and rightful working hours to all its employees across India.

The National Union of Hospitality Industry Of India - NUHII is going to issue notices to all hotels, starting from pune, to implement the eight-hour working rule for its employees.

The eight hour working rule is under the guidelines of the factory act, 1948 which the union feels has not been implemented effectively for the past many decades in the Hotel Industry.

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If this is implemented strictly by the authorities then the same will be a huge relief for the hotel staff… currently in most of the hotel the shift timings are not followed correctly…

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That’s a very welcoming move… :grin::grin:

Currently, all the hotel management is concerned about is your reporting time to work. They are least bothered about when you are leaving the hotel premises or off duty!!!

Such strict actions need to be implemented to have a proper work vs life balance for the hoteliers also…


A very welcoming move indeed to reduce the hotel staff shift hours to 8 hours.

But not sure what will be impact on the owners on such stringent actions. especially when the economy is in the downhill.

It’s being around to complete one month. Kindly look after in Delhi and Gurgaon cities aswell. If it’s really possible.

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@love_sachdeva yes indeed implementing this would be a big challenge. when it comes to hotel and hospitality industry it seems no labour rules are applicable at all…

Hope a change will be in place soon.

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